The Lake Havasu City Police Department received a tip on March 13 that helped identify a possible suspect in the recent arson cases. Additional investigation was conducted by the Criminal Investigations Unit which led to the identity of three suspects.

The suspects were taken into custody after turning themselves in at the police department. All three suspects admitted to being involved in multiple arsons between January 23, 2017 and March 3, 2017 in Lake Havasu City.

Arrested as a result of the investigation were 22-year old Tyler A. Breitenstein, 22-year old Samuel L. Postal and 22-year old Patrick L. Marrero-Ortiz, all Lake Havasu City residents.

A majority of the fires set were to palm trees, commercial dumpsters and brush. One of the incidents involved a fire being started at a home under construction in the 3900 block of Cherry Tree Boulevard, however, that fire was extinguished after burning through a water pipe causing approximately $1000 in damage.

Each suspect was charged with ten felony counts of arson. Breitenstein, Postal and Marrero-Ortiz had their initial appearance on March 14, 2017 and were released on their own recognizance