Authorities in three states are looking for “Baby Girl Jackson”, a four month-old African American who was born at University Medical Center in Las Vegas. The baby’s parents are jailed in Kingman for failing to cooperate with agencies working to find the girl whose real name is unknown.

Mohave County Attorney’s office investigator Steve Auld said Arizona Department of Child Services officials began a child abuse investigation 14 months ago that was focused on Nicholios Nealy, 37, and Octavia Jackson, 33. Auld said the couple claim to be married and claim to be the parents of 12 and 13 year-old girls and an eight-year-old boy.

Auld said Mohave County Superior Court Judge Richard Weiss ordered that each of the three children be placed under the care of the state on April 29, 2016.  He said during the custody and placement-related hearings it was learned that Jackson gave birth to another daughter at UMC on February 10.

Auld said Jackson initially denied having the newborn. He said Judge Weiss found her in contempt of court and sent her to jail when she refused to say where her baby was on May 24.

Nealy was jailed on June 7 on a custodial interference charge for failing to turn the infant over to DCS.

Auld said the couple had lived in the San Diego, California area before moving to Las Vegas and ending up in the western Arizona community of Fort Mohave. He said authorities are investigating the couple’s ties to the Laughlin area and their involvement with the Black Hebrew Israelites Church in Las Vegas.

Auld said authorities with multiple agencies in Arizona, Nevada and California are trying to find Baby Girl Jackson.

Auld said anyone can drop off the baby at a fire station without repercussion, but that a kidnapping charge can be expected if law enforcement locates and takes custody of the child.