recallRichard Glancy has quietly initiated what he said is a serious effort to recall Mayor Dick Anderson and each member of the Kingman City Council. Paperwork for the “Total Recall” campaign was completed at City Hall on August 12, but there’s been very little promotion or publicity.

“We haven’t got along as far as we wanted so far,” said Glancy, Treasurer of the Total Recall Committee. “I think we can do this but I’m not quite positive. We’re going to be concentrating on it a little bit harder over the next couple of weeks.”

Being on the recieving end of a code enforcement effort involving his private property is the principal motivation for the Glancy driven ouster effort.

“The one thing that definitely upsets me is that now I’m a criminal,” Glancy said. “I don’t think the city should be trying to criminalize its subjects.”

Glancy said city officials have also bungled the Kingman Crossing development effort and that the Mayor and City Manager’s acceptance of a $1-million check written to the Airport Authority was an embarrassment to the community.

City Clerk Sidney Muhle said 1,147 valid petition signatures must be gathered to subject the Mayor to a recall vote. The number is 1,209 for each council member.

The petitions must be submitted by the second week of December. Glancy said registered voters residing within the city limits who wish to sign the recall petitions can do so at 5th Street Books.