A transgender woman and her attorney have made up their mind to take a Tempe bar to court over alleged discrimination. Briana Sandy argues Tempe Tavern kicked her out of the establishment for being transgender. Attorney Benjamin Taylor says no one should have gone through what his client did last weekend.

Sandy claims a bartender told her last Saturday, “we don’t serve your kind” and was forced to leave. Although she’s accepted a Manager’s apology, Taylor says, it’s necessary on principle to file the complaint. “ A lot of it is principle, but also discrimination,” he says. “Here it is 2015, and people should be able to go to a restaurant or a bar, sit down and be served.”

Tempe has an anti-discrimination ordinance, one of a handful of Arizona cities that outlaws denial of things like public accommodations and housing based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, and in Sandy’s case, gender identity. Sandy reflects, if this had happened in nearby Mesa, she wouldn’t have had any recourse.

The City of Tempe required a complaint to have been filed within 45 days of the incident.
–Barbara Villa