It’s three member illegal dumping enforcement team has a big job in Mohave County, the 5th largest in the nation. Todd Davison, the coordinator for the Environmental Rural Area Cleanup Enforcement (ERACE) program, addressed county supervisors during their December 19 board meeting.

Davison told the Board that the trio organized 35 community cleanup events and staged 17 information presentations during a year-long reporting period stretching from November, 2015 to December, 2016.

Davison said more than nearly 3,000 tires and more than 322 tons of trash was cleared from the desert landscape over that time frame. He said the amount of trash removed is even more staggering when measured over a two year period.

“Just to give you an idea of the amount, it would take for the last two years of trash that we helped remove, it would take more than 81 full-sized garbage trucks to remove that same amount of trash,” Davison said.

While the ERACE program puts a priority in compliance and forcing offenders to clean up their messes, Davison noted that three illegal dumping cases were criminally prosecuted over the 12 month period.