Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s acceptance speech scored huge with the doubters.  “‘I think tonight we hired somebody.”  That’s the word from Representative Trent Franks, who endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the primary.  Franks jumped on the Trump train following Trump’s inspirational
speech to the nation. Franks told WND, “I think their speeches tonight were

magnificent (and) I think it demonstrates to the world Donald Trump can find the discipline to speak in a cogent way that reaches a broad sector of the American electorate.”  Franks went on to criticize Cruz for choosing not to endorse Trump in his convention speech adding, “I was terribly disappointed in Ted.”  He said “in circumstances like this, it is the duty of every statesman to look to the betterment of the country and the future generations rather than their own unfortunate circumstances at time.” 

Cruz was booed off the stage when he refused to endorse Trump who had personally invited Cruz to speak at his convention.  Franks says Cruz had his chance while “He was standing on the podium of the Republican Party convention.  The Arizona representative said this election is not about Cruz or his feelings, “This is about potentially the freedom of the human family.” Franks said he’s totally on board for Trump telling WND, “I am able to unequivocally support Donald Trump without the slightest reticence, and I think any time someone can say that when they walk into the voting booth, that’s confidence enough.”

Kris Dugan