Prison sentences have been imposed for three Parker residents who pled guilty to robbing a local convenience store. The defendants include Javen Ann Drennan, 31, Rikki Alison Drennan, 27, and 19-year-old Arrow Nicholas Lopez.

A news release indicated that J. Drennan drove R. Drennan and Lopez to Woody’s the evening of December 2, 2014, the same day that J. Drennan’s employment had been terminated by the business.

 “R. Drennan and A. Lopez wore dark clothing and covered their faces with bandanas, and Lopez had a knife.  When they entered the store to commit the robbery, Lopez held the knife inches from the victim’s waist and told the victim to empty the cash register drawers,” the release stated. “R. Drennan stole alcohol and cigarettes and she and Lopez fled the store with approximately $850 in cash.  R. Drennan and Lopez got into J. Drennan’s vehicle and fled from Woody’s until they were stopped by Parker Police.’’

During sentencing hearings held this summer, Lopez was given a 32 month prison term while a 50 month prison term was imposed for  Dr. Drennan. J. Drennan was given a 51 month prison sentence Monday, October 24.

The investigation in this case was conducted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the CRIT Police Department, and the Parker Police Department. The prosecution was handled by Christina J. Reid-Moore, Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of Arizona, Phoenix.