After days of uncertainty, plans for Donald Trump’s latest Arizona visit are now finalized. The Trump campaign reports he’s coming to Phoenix Wednesday, and will speak at the Convention Center in Downtown Phoenix. The campaign also

confirms that Trump’s Vice-Presidential nominee, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, will also be on hand for the event.

The doors open at three with his speech scheduled for six p.m. The controversial G-O-P Presidential nominee promises it will be a major speech on illegal immigration. There has been some debate has to whether Trump has been softening his tone on the subject; Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway denies he is.

The firmed up plans for a rally come after conflicting stories about a cancellation, then a postponement. The confusion cleared up when Trump proclaimed in a tweet that he was definitely coming into Phoenix on Wednesday after all, but was simply looking for a larger venue. The rally was originally scheduled at the Hyatt-Regency Downtown.

–Barbara Villa