The “Donald” says “You’re Hired” to Arizona Treasurer Jeff DeWit.  The Trump campaign released a statement announcing DeWit has been named the chief operating officer for the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign. Trump said, “I have known and worked with Jeff for a long time and he is

an outstanding leader and individual who will make it possible to for us together to win this election and Make America Great Again.”  DeWit proudly accepted the new gig saying, “I am confident that his leadership is what our country needs to Make America Great Again. It is truly an honor to volunteer my time to help the campaign; it is a sacrifice my family and I are willing to make for the good of our nation’s future. Over the next few months, I am looking forward to helping Mr. Trump win the Presidency and put our country back on the path to prosperity.”  Representative Phil Lovas will take over DeWit’s position as Arizona’s Chief Banker and investment Officer. 

Kris Dugan