Presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a rally in Mesa, where an enthusiastic crowd greeted him at a private hangar Wednesday at Mesa-Phoenix-Gateway airport. The firebrand Republican reiterated his vow to be tough on illegal immigration by building a huge

border wall and footing the bill to Mexico, and resolving to defeat ISIS, in part, by snagging their internet activity. He says ISIS is using the internet more brilliantly than people in the U.S. where it was invented. But he says we can change that by enlisting the help of people in Silicon Valley to beat them at their game and infiltrate the internet to ferret out terrorists.

His comments revved up hundreds of supporters who say he’s not afraid to be politically incorrect and that he vocalizes the sentiments of so many who don’t want to speak out. One supporter sums it up, “Donald Trump is going to keep us safe”.

But a small group of anti-Trump protesters standing outside the event, all young white males, say they’re afraid Trump is stoking racism and Islamophobia. One opponent calls him a “neo-Fascist with views parallel to Adolf Hitler.” Another predicts a Democrat is sure to win the presidency if Trump becomes the G-O-P nominee.

Trump predicts a resurgence of U.S trade, and the death of Obama Care in 2017 if he’s President. He also claims he’s got Iowa in the bag for early next year.

–Barbara Villa