Now that Donald Trump is returning to Arizona soon, the State’s G-O-P party chairman has a lot of work to do, not the least of which is deciding on venues for the visit. Robert Graham says he’s looking at a couple of places that may be suitable for the July 18th fundraiser and rally. And the

violence that has erupted at Trump events in other cities has not escaped him. He’s hoping that the same thing does not happen in Maricopa County.

Graham pleads to protesters, “ Please respect other people’s first amendment rights. You can be loud and be heard, but please don’t hurt anybody, or do anything that would be violent, because it’s not the way to get things done.” Last March, a Fountain Hills rally drew protesters who blocked roads to the event, but, fortunately, there was no violence. It was a different story in Tucson later that night when a Trump supporter attacked a protester inside a rally. Trump returns to Arizona and the heavily Hispanic Maricopa County on the heels of remarks he made that he could not get a fair decision on litigation against him because the Federal judge is Hispanic.

So far, Graham says, Trump is expected to meet with state leaders like Governor Doug Ducey, followed by a fundraiser, and then a rally between 4:30 and seven in the evening.

–Barbara Villa