“The Donald” doubles down on immigration.  Thousands flocked to the Phoenix Convention Center for GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Trump ignited an international firestorm last month when he said “Mexico was pushing the worse elements of their society into America,” including “drug

deals, criminals and rapists.”  The millionaire real estate mogul didn’t go soft or back down from his stance on illegal immigration in Phoenix, a hotbed of immigrants ….  Trump told a raucous crowd “he made some very tough statements about people flowing through” our borders, adding “you can’t have a country without creating borders.”  Trump touted the Mexican leaders as more “cunning” and “smarter” than American leaders, including President Obama.  He says Mexico does not care their people are crossing the border into the U.S – Mexico cares about the bad trade deals the United States is making with Mexico.

Mexico is set to make billions of dollars because American companies such as Ford Auto is setting up billion dollar corporations south of the border to save themselves from paying high American taxes.  “The Apprentice” star slammed Republicans, Democrats and everyone in between. 
He didn’t shy away from ripping apart his own party, the Republicans beginning with Senator John McCain.  Trump says McCain talks a great deal, but has no follow through referring to the Benghazi cover-up where radical Islamists killed a four Americans, including an American ambassador.  Trump ripped apart Democrat presidential contender Hilary Clinton claiming she was the “worst Secretary of State in America’s history” because “our enemies are a disaster, our friends hate us more – the world blew up around her.” 
Trump ended his big speech, “the silent majority is back and we are going to take the country back and make American great again.”  Trump says “the American dream is dead, but I’m going to make it bigger, better and stronger than ever before.”