Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence talked to the Donald Trump faithful Tuesday at town halls in Phoenix and Tucson. Pence told an audience at the Fox Tucson Theatre that if you want more of the stale agenda the Obama administration is handing out, then Hillary Clinton’s your

candidate for President. But, he adds, if you’re longing for something fresh in a President, Trump fills the bill. “You have nominated a man who never quits,” declares the conservative Indiana Governor to loud cheers from the audience. “He never backs down. He’s a fighter. He’s a winner.”

Fielding audience questions, Pence says Trump will fix a broken Veterans Affairs Administration, protect your Second Amendment rights, appoint conservative Justices and re-establish Israel as a “cherished ally.” In reiterating the G-O-P Presidential Nominee’s promise to build a wall against Mexico and make the country pay for it, Pence evoked the words of Ronald Reagan : “ ‘ a nation without borders is not a nation,’ and I promise you Donald Trump is going to ensure we’re a nation of borders, and that we uphold our laws.”

One protester in Tucson who heckled Pence during his speech was removed by security.

–Barbara Villa