The sus-PENCE is over.  Presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate.  Trump introduced his vice presidential candidate Saturday to the voters as his first choice for the number two spot.   Trump says the primary reason he chose Pence is his ability to create jobs in his state.  Pence went in as Indiana

governor with eight percent unemployment rate and cut that in half during his tenure.  Trump also hailed Pence as a true conservative who enacted the largest income tax cut in the country who balanced the budget on top of that.  Pence says he is “humbled and grateful to God for being given this amazing opportunity.  Pence says he “is truly humbled to be at Trump’s side” as his running mate and thanked Trump for having confidence in him.  He also applauded Trump by saying he is “grateful this patriotic American who has set aside a legendary career in business to build stronger America.”  

Pence says Trump understands Americans hopes and dreams have been dashed and they are “tired of being told this is as good as it gets.”  Pence quotes former President Ronald Reagan who said, “Americans are tired of being told a little intellectual elite in a far distant capitol can plan our lives better for us than we can plan ourselves.  Pence calls himself a small town boy who grew up with a front row seat to the American dream.  He calls himself a “Christian, a conservative and a Republican – in that order.”   Pence says he started out as a Democrat but then became inspired by Reagan and changed parties.

Pence says he is committed to Trump’s conservative policies and asked the American people to join them and the movement to make “America great again.”

Kris Dugan