JSN - ccLAUGHLIN GOP CAUCUS RESULTSA record number of Republicans turned out for Tuesday’s presidential caucus in Laughlin, and an overwhelming majority of them backed billionaire businessman Donald Trump. A total of 203 votes were cast for Trump, which was 54 percent of the 375 Republicans that participated in the caucus from all five Laughlin and one Searchlight precincts. Trump’s showing in Laughlin mirrored his results throughout Nevada as the front-runner won in all but two of the state’s 17 counties. Florida Senator Marco Rubio came in a distant second with 20 percent of the vote and Texas Senator Ted Cruz ended with 13 percent of the vote in Laughlin. Both candidates also ended in second and third places respectively throughout the state. Cruz did beat Trump in Elko and Lincoln Counties, but those two rural counties were dwarfed by the results in Clark and Washoe Counties, where nearly 80 percent of the state’s residents live.