Tucson firefighters battle a raging “Full Alarm” fire.  Fire Captain Barrett Baker says something sparked a fire in the back alley of a Tucson home that quickly turned into a fireball.  He says a small fire started in the weeds in the alleyway that went from grass, to shed to carport and that carport had two cars in it and

those were fully engulfed and now you’ve got a huge fireball!”  Baker adds the house was about 15 feet away from the flaming carport, but “everything on that porch was charred and melting.”  Some 25 firefighters were fighting several hot spots and found themselves in a very dangerous situation.  The flames were shooting so high up into the air, the flames were licking the power lines above the fire.  Crews were cautious around the charged power lines that could cause injury or death.  In the end, no one was injured and the house was saved.

Kris Dugan