tvIt appears the Mohave County television district will remain intact due to a philosophical division of members of the Board of Supervisors. After supervisor Hildy Angius and Board Chairman Steve Moss have supported the proposition of transitioning the district to another operator, the other three supervisors have decided instead to expand the system.

Angius and Moss contend the district overtaxes county residents and that while all property owners pay the tax, only a small percentage of them actually use or gain any benefit from the system and its programming. Moss further argued that the county, or government in general, has no business in entertainment.

“Government does not belong in this arena. We should pull out,” Moss said during the June 15 Board meeting. “We should give the tax relief, try to privatize the system or let it lapse.”

Supervisor Jean Bishop said she has given lots of thought to the matter, but supports the county’s continued operation of the district as a public service.

“I don’t think we should abolish the TV district. Those who’ve contacted me have convinced me that it’s something people expect after having it so many years,” Bishop said. “It’s hard to take away an entitlement. It’s there. People appreciate it and they don’t mind paying the taxes for it.”

While Angius and Moss have worked to convince the citizenry and bureaucracy to unload the district, supervisor Gary Watson has trumped them by earning board support to expand the system. Bishop and supervisor Buster Johnson joined Watson in a 3-2 vote supporting an expenditure of about $100,000 to add an alert component to the system, enabling communication of essential information to the public in the event of emergencies such as floods and fires.