JSN - Assault & DConBullhead City police were called to the Sunridge Estates neighborhood Tuesday morning to break up a fight between two men who have a history of not getting along. Police are not sure exactly what prompted the latest kerfuffle, but both Russell Ingall Macfarlane, 53, and Kevin Charles Person, 29, were back at it in the middle of McCormick Blvd. Macfarlane told officers that he had parked his pick-up in the street because a mattress fell out. According to a department spokesperson, Person stopped his vehicle at Macfarlane’s location and that’s where they fight started. Both men later told officers that they have engaged in fisticuffs prior to this week’s event. Person’s girlfriend worked for Macfarlane and the three of them have had issues in the past, according to police reports. Because both Person and Macfarlane wished to file for prosecution, both men were cited by officers and released at the scene. Both have been charged with assault and disorderly conduct.