The United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Monday to determine whether President Obama can delay deportation for certain groups of people through an executive order. ASU law professor Evelyn Cruz says the order applies to people who have kids born in
the United States and had been here a certain amount of time. However, it was challenged by about half the states and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of those states.  Cruz says the states claim Congress must approve immigration rule changes. “Their argument is that the proper way to redress any issues relating to immigration is through the Congress, and they’re the ones in charge of issuing immigration statutes that we all operate under. But there always has been this ability of the President to make some policies as to who gets deported or not.”  Cruz says the court will decide whether states have “standing,” or the right to sue in this case, and will also determine whether the President can make immigration rule changes on his own. She says this case will affect future executive orders. “If the states bring action in this type of situation then then will be able to bring more suits relating to other policies that are managed by the executive.” 
Mike Sauceda