UniSource Energy Services’UniSource Energy Services (UES) residential electric customers can receive $200 rebates for the purchase of energy efficient variable-speed pool pumps from qualified pool professionals.

Variable-speed pumps can help customers save money while reducing their impact on the environment. These more advanced pumps use less energy than regular pool pumps because they can be programmed to operate at high speed only when necessary.

“Regular pool pumps can add hundreds of dollars to your electric bill every year. Efficient pumps operate at a much lower cost while improving pool water quality,” said Jessica Vega, program manager for the new UES Energy Efficient Pool Pump Rebate Program.

With proper calibration, variable-speed pumps can reduce energy use by up to 70 percent and save users more than $340 a year in electric costs.

To claim their rebate, residential electric customers must present one of their electric bills when they purchase an ENERGY STAR®-qualified pool pump from a UES-qualified pool professional. The rebate will be applied as a discount to the sale price. Pool professionals also will work with customers to install and calibrate pumps to maximize energy savings.

To find a qualified pool professional and to learn about other energy-saving options, visit the energy efficiency page on uesaz.com. UES is offering expanded energy efficiency programs for residential customers in 2016 that include discounts on energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and improving the efficiency of heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

UES’ customer-funded energy efficiency programs are reviewed and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The programs are proven to be cost-effective for all customers – not just those who participate – by reducing UES’ long-term need for new energy resources. Participation helps to reduce our communities’ reliance on fossil fuels, resulting in reduced air emissions and water usage.

UES’ energy efficiency programs have helped UES electric customers save more than 155,900 megawatt-hours – enough energy to power more than 15,500 homes for a year. These savings help UES work toward the goals in Arizona’s Energy Efficiency Standard, which calls on utilities to achieve cumulative energy savings of 22 percent by 2020.

UES provides electric service to approximately 93,000 customers in Mohave and Santa Cruz counties. The company also provides natural gas to approximately 150,000 customers in northern and southern Arizona. For more information, visit uesaz.com. UES and its parent company, UNS Energy, are subsidiaries of Fortis, Inc., which owns utilities that serve more than 3 million customers across Canada and in the United States and the Caribbean. To learn more, visit fortisinc.com.

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