The President of the local firefighter’s union has filed a complaint seeking the removal of Vic Riccardi from the governing board of the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District. Union President Chris Simpson lodged the complaint with Mohave County Supervisor Gary Watson on Monday, March 27.

That’s the same day that a recall campaign was launched that also aims to remove Riccardi from the governing board. While the recall effort can’t get to an election before November, the complaint could conceivably oust Riccardi from office much more quickly.

Ryan Esplin, a deputy county attorney in the civil division, said he can’t act on the complaint unless, and until, he is directed by the Board of Supervisors. While the complaint was lodged with Watson it likely won’t come to the board until its April 17 meeting.

Simpson asserts that Riccardi should be removed from office for failing to take professional development classes required for fire district board members under ARS Title 48-803, Section J.

“A fire district governing board member or fire chief who fails to complete the professional development training within the time prescribed in this section is guilty of nonfeasance in office,” the statute reads, according to Simpson. “Any person may make a formal complaint to the county board of supervisors regarding this failure to comply, and the county board of supervisors may submit the complaint to the county attorney for possible action.”

Should the board direct him to do so, Esplin said he would take the matter to court requesting that a Judge order that Riccardi be removed from office.