River Cities United Way is gearing up for its annual Day of Caring, a Kingman city-wide cleanup event on Saturday, September 10th  starting at 6 AM.  A joint venture with the City of Kingman, and  C.A.R.E./Sandbox – volunteers throughout the community will work with their designated areas collecting trash, bottles, and other waste and debris that litters the community.

Those interested in participating should pre-register online at http://www.RiverCitiesUnitedWay.org/DayofCaring.

Team captains need to report to River Cities united Way (Kingman) Office at 2202 Hualapai Mountain Road no later than Friday, September 9th between 9 AM and 4:30 PM with a printed and signed waiver from each team member, to receive an area assignment Breakfast will be provided by LDS Church.