The Registrar of Contractors’ “ Most Wanted” list grows by one name. According to the R-O-C’s Jim Knupp, the latest bad actor the public should know about is identified as 48 year old Juan Ordones,  an unlicensed contractor. Knupp says Ordones would tell victims he’d repair or replace their roofs, take thousands of dollars from them , then simply abandon the job.

Ordones is wanted for Fraudulent Schemes and Theft related to Contracting Without a License. The 48 year old Ordones is Hispanic, five-foot-seven, weighs 145 pounds and has brown hair and eyes. Knupp warns , if you see him, don’t confront him, but call police.

Knupp says Ordones’ story reminds us of how critical it is that we do our research before hiring anyone for home repairs.   And the chief rule is, make sure you’re hiring a licensed contractor.

–Barbara Villa