12919721_1722138211333442_4747618845583661141_nQuick action by ‪#‎SBCoFD‬ limited damage to Pirates Cove Bar. Wind and embers still a concern. Structure protection in place. 500 acres 450 AZ, 50 CA. 5% contained. Minor Damage to Pirates Cove. Parts of the thatched roof caught fire from firebrands which burned about 10% of the roof. The fire was quickly contained by strike team engines. Structure Defense remains in place. No Injuries to ‪#‎Firefighters‬ or civilians. Mandatory evacuations are still in place for Pirates Cove and Park Moabi. 

The Needles Rodeo Grounds is being opened for anyone who needs to evacuate in an RV or who needs to evacuate large animals. Road Closure due to Fire
Rte 1 from I 40 to Golden Shores.