US-POST-OFFICE-LOGOIt’s back to the drawing board for the United States Postal Service (USPS) that has failed for months to find a new location for postal service in downtown Kingman. Spokesman Peter Haas said the USPS is still committed to closing the contract postal outlet operated by Craig Graves, while opening another postal unit inside another downtown Kingman business. Haas said on January 27 that the USPS had reached an agreement with a new provider and would open at a new downtown location sometime in March. The business owner said he never signed the deal and informed the USPS he was rejecting the offer. Haas then said on January 30 that it was back to square one for the USPS. The entity is again looking for a new downtown location to replace the Graves operation. Mohave County Supervisors Gary Watson and Jean Bishop, Kingman city officials and others continue lobbying the USPS to maintain the status quo, keeping the Graves unit in service.