The President speaks at Central High School about the housing recovery, but he’s being criticized by both Republicans and some Democrats for not taking time to visit the Phoenix V-A.  Republicans ripped into the President for being less than a mile from the Phoenix VA and not stopping by.  Senator John McCain

notes “it’s about a block away.”  The former Presidential candidate went on to question Obama’s decision not to visit the Veterans hospital, “Is that indicative of his concern about Veterans, particularly the place where the whole scandal began?”  McCain slams Obama as being “worse than negligence and I think it shows he’s not that concerned about our veterans.” Democrat Kyrsten Sinema also says the President should visit the VA, adding it would serve him well and “it would be smart for him to go by and meet the folks who are working there.”
Valley Republican Matt Salmon says there’s no reason why the President shouldn’t take a little time to visit the Phoenix VA adding, “he’s going to be less than a mile from the VA as we were at the epicenter of that whole blasted scandal and for the President not to visit the VA, sends a really terrible message that it’s not that really important to him.”  Salmon says he thinks “it’s a tragic mistake for him to fly all that distance to Arizona and not visit our border and not visit the VA.

Kris Dugan