doddAttorneys have presented opening statements in a trial focused on a north Kingman traffic fatality. 43-year-old Robert Dodd faces eleven criminal charges, including second degree murder for the April, 2014 T-bone collision that claimed the life of Linda Chevalier, a well-known 66-year-old Kingman resident.

Prosecutor Jacob Cote told the jury Tuesday that Dodd had drugs in his system and was wanted on criminal charges when he failed to stop as pursuing law enforcement officers tried to get him to pull over, before his vehicle smashed into another driven by Chevalier.

In his opening statement, defense attorney Art Higgs did not go so far as to say that the officers violated agency pursuit policy, but he told jurors it was important for them to know that the involved law enforcement agencies are the subject of civil litgation involving Chevalier’s death.