lwhsKingman has its first state wrestling champion in 34 years. Congratulations to Lee Williams High School senior Nic Verville.

Verville was unbeaten in his weight class for the season, culminating in his state title last Saturday. The Volunteer dominated Joe Herrerra 11-2 to claim the championship in the 132 pound brackent.

“It still sends shivers down my spine just thinking about how he made history,” Coach Dan Ondrejka said of Verville. “I am filled with pride and joy and it makes me really happy for Nic.”

Ondrejka said Verville’s commitment to achieve his goal was unparalleled.

“It’s a work ethic like no other. When it comes to mind, body and spirit—Nic’s a very spiritual guy—and when it comes to dedication, he’s probably one of the most dedicated kids I’ve ever met in my life,” Ondrejka said. “He deserved this and he earned it. He was going three or four times a day sometimes and there’d be days when we told him to take breaks and he’d say ‘no coach, I want to keep going.’”

Ondrejka has a burning passion for the underappreciated sport of wrestling. He said he hope’s Verville’s success boosts interest in wrestling and helps him to continue to build a program at Lee Williams.