download (2)One of the City of Kingman’s longest-tenured employees is putting down her gavel. Kingman City Magistrate Kathy McCoy is retiring at the end of June.

Human Resources Director Jackie Walker said McCoy was hired as a public safety dispatcher in April, 1981 before transferring to a municipal Court Clerk post 14 months later. McCoy was promoted to Associate Magistrate in January, 1986 and she has served as City Magistrate since September, 1986.

City Manager John Dougherty said he’ll seek direction from City Council regarding recruitment of a successor. He said he thinks the job description might be in need of an update and that there should be a discussion of qualifications for the position.

Dougherty said many towns over the years have not had stringent prerequisites for the magistrate position.

“Times have changed in the last 30 years. It would be my recommendation that they have some legal background,” Dougherty said. “Do you want to set some minimum standards that you’re going to be looking for, because if you don’t you’re going to have everybody in the world applying. It’s a good-paying job.”