mark_wimpeeThere’s a vacancy on the Kingman City Council. Mark Wimpee has relinquished his postion as Vice Mayor and resigned from the City Council.

Wimpee drew public criticism during the October 13 council meeting regarding the failure of his contracting business and complaints from customers about unfinished projects. Wimpee said he has shut down his First Generation Builders enterprise.

Wimpee said he would like to continue serving as Vice Mayor, but he said the “haters” continue to plan to attack him publicly. He said resigning separates the City from the negativity.

Wimpee has served the Council for 3 1/2 years and his term expires at the end of November next year. Area municipalities, in instances such as Wimpees, have typically filled vacancies through an application and appointment process.

How the Wimpee vacancy will be filled will be considered during the Kingman City Council meeting next Tuesday.