The victim trapped inside his burning home that was set on fire by a masked man with a blow torch has passed away from his injuries.  The victim has been identified as 73-year-old Steve Kryzyzewski. Deputy Courtney Palmer with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office says the victim awoke to find a man in a black

mask setting his house on fire with a blow torch.  The victim chased after the suspect and shot him.  Kryzyzewski was found unconscious by deputies add firefighters who bulldozed their way into the blaze to rescue him.  Five emergency responders were overcome by smoke attempting to rescue Kryzyzewski. They were transported to a nearby hospital in stable condition suffering from smoke inhalation.  Kryzyzewski only survived a matter of hours before succumbing to his injuries.  The suspect who Kryzyzewski shot turned himself into police a short time after setting the home on fire.  The victim was shot in the stomach and is listed in critical condition. So far, there is no word on motive.

Kris Dugan