A volunteer officer with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office is recovering after being shot while in pursuit of a speeding ATV driver.  Deputy Dwight D’Evelyn says a Uniformed Volunteer in Protection, “VIP,” was tracking a speeding ATV into the Juniper Woods Ranch area south of Ash Fork when he followed the

ATV tracks to a gated residential area.  The VIP got out of his car to investigate further when bullets flew past him.  By chance, the bullets missed its direct target after The VIP bent down to pick up some papers he had dropped while getting out of the car. The man was shot in the hip area and sought cover behind his car as the suspect continued to open fire on the volunteer.  The VIP was able to reenter his vehicle and drive away while requesting assistance. Yavapai county Sheriff Deputies were quick to the scene and surrounded the suspect.  After barricading himself inside a house for several hours, 23-year-old Jason Douglas Neidermeyer surrendered to authorities. Neidermeyer has been arrested and five other people in the home have been detained, including his parents and a five-year-old child.

D’Evelyn says it appears it was an ambush where Neidermeyer lured the victim to the house by speeding for the purpose of shooting him.  At least 20 rounds were fired. Deputies found a pipe bomb and several fire arms inside the house. 
The volunteer officer underwent surgery and is expected to be fine.

Kris Dugan