Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell appeared before the Maricopa County Board of Directors today to take the blame for those agonizingly long wait times at polling places on election day.  Voters are outraged and are pointing the finger at Purcell saying she “deliberately obstructed voting.” Voters experienced

 election day nightmares by standing in lines wrapped around buildings for up to four hours.  Voters who showed up in time to cast their ballots by 7 were still standing in line at midnight after the winners had been called. Some voters walked out after waiting for three hours rushing to go to work or pick up their children.  Some voters wanted nothing to do with the long wait times and just went home.  The backlash from voters was enormous accusing Maricopa County of “suppressing the vote.”  Purcell says she “takes full responsibility for what happened.”  She claims the low number of polling places for the 4th largest city in the U.S. was a “cost saving measure.”  Plus, she adds many people showed up to vote who were not registered and therefore not allowed to vote in the election.

Kris Dugan