voteInformation from third parties has been distributed throughout the state that inaccurately describes how independent voters can vote in the Primary Election. While independent voters may vote by mail, it is not the only way for them to participate in the Primary.

All voters – including independent voters or those without a party preference – are able to vote through one of three ways:

  1. Early mail ballot,
  2. Early in-person voting, or
  3. In-person on Election Day, August 26.

For voters to receive an early ballot by mail, they should call the County Recorder. The last day to request an early ballot by mail is August 15. Early ballots should be voted, signed, sealed and sent by mail August 22, or earlier. If an early voter misses the August 22 deadline, he or she may return the ballot to an early voting location, at the County Recorder’s Office, or at the poll on Election Day. To find an early voting location and availability, contact the County Recorder. Early in-person voting ends Friday, August 22. If you vote by early mail ballot, do not vote in person; however, if voting on Election Day, August 26th, know that polling locations may have changed since the last election. Go to, and click on the Voter View icon to find out where to vote.