A protest is planned today in downtown Phoenix after the debacle voters experienced at the polls for the Presidential Preference election.  Voters were trapped in lines that wrapped around buildings and down blocks for up to three hours just waiting to make a one candidate vote.  Last election cycle, there were 200 polling places.  This election, polling places dropped to 60 that caused an

uproar in lines and sent many voters walking away unable to stay and vote. Voters were ready to come to blows with the one person or group who made the decision to downsize polling places by nearly 75 percent.  Voters were still in line at midnight hours after the election had been called waiting to cast their vote.  Governor Ducey released a statement, claiming “it’s unacceptable” that “voters had to battle incredibly long lines.”  He’s urging election officials to evaluate what went wrong and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Kris Dugan