Mohave County supervisors quickly and quietly renewed an animal management services contract during Monday’s Board meeting. Consideration of the same item last year featured some contention and controversy as advocates spoke in favor of one provider or another before the contract was awarded to the Lake Havasu City-based Western Arizona Humane Society (WAHS).

County Procurement Director Rebecca O’Brien told supervisors that WAHS has complied with terms of the agreement.

“I have no information or indication that there’s any issues with contract performance, so it really is a matter of your decision as to how you’d like to move forward,” O’Brien said.

County Administrator Mike Hendrix said WAHS has performed in exemplary fashion.

“They’ve been very good partners this year with us and have provided excellent service,” Hendrix said. He also credited the organization for taking the lead in averting crisis when some 200 animals required placement when a rescue sanctuary was shut down in Golden Valley last December.

Executive Director Patty Gilmore noted that WAHS is expanding its services to other parts of the county, achieving success with increased spay and neuter rates while nearly phasing out euthanasia.

“Our live release rate for dogs last quarter was 94.3%–absolutely unheard of in Mohave County,” Gilmore said. “In the last 60 days not one healthy cat has been euthanized. We have (nearly) become a no kill shelter at last.”

The board voted unanimously to award the $260,000 annual contract to WAHS, extending the agreement to two years. Supervisors indicated they would like a report at the end of the first year of the agreement.