KWState senator Kelli Ward spoke Monday in Kingman during separate meetings of the Republican Men’s Club and the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. The District 5 Lake Havasu City republican told the board that she supports returning Highway User Revenue Funds that the state legislature swept from counties. “We do have assurances from leadership that that will happen over time,” Ward said. “$30-million last year, $30-million next year, $60-million finally and hopefully that will be complete. Ward said she also appreciates Mohave County efforts to convince the federal government to allow others to make more productive use of public lands. “If we could get more of those lands back into state control, county control, local control we’d have a lot more money to put into our education system,” she said. Ward said she’s also certain that the upcoming state legislative session will include discussion of how to better protect water supply in Arizona.