The state republican party has called a special meeting in Lake Havasu City to select three nominees for possible appointment to the District 5 state senate seat vacated by Kelli Ward. The Lake Havasu City republican has resigned the position to devote more time to her campaign challenge of U.S. Senator John McCain.    Mike Ward, Chairman of the Mohave County Republican Party Central Committee, said duly elected precinct committee people who reside both in Mohave County and LD5 will engage in a series of votes to select a slate of three nominees.    “They have to be in LD5 and in Mohave County to be eligible to vote,” Ward said. “Personally, as a precinct committeeman, as the party chair and also as Kelli’s husband, I want to know that the person we’re appointing is going to carry on the tradition of good legislating.”    Ward said LD5 state representative Sonny Borrelli, who is running for Ward’s seat in the next election cycle, will get prominent consideration for appointment. Ward, however, said he’d prefer that another competent appointee surface to avoid the need of filling Borrelli’s house seat if Borrelli is appointed to the senate.    The special republican party meeting is scheduled Saturday, December 19, at the public library in Lake Havasu City. The slate of nominees will be forwarded to Mohave County Supervisors for their appointment decision during a special board meeting tentatively set December 22.