water trailA scenic stretch of the Colorado River below Hoover Dam has been added to the National Water Trails System. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis designated the Black Canyon Water Trail as part of the system that includes 14 other water trails earlier this summer.   The Black Canyon Water Trail is located along a remote portion of the Colorado River within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The trail starts at the base of Hoover dam and meanders 30 miles through Black Canyon, ending at the historic mining area known as Eldorado Canyon on Lake Mohave.  The Kitsap Peninsula Water Trail in Washington State and the Black Canyon Trail in Nevada and Arizona are added to the system by virtue of the federal designation. “These trails provide an opportunity for families to get outside and explore some of our nation’s most beautiful waterways, and by highlighting them as part of the National Water Trails System, more visitors will have the opportunity to visit and add value to their local economies,” Director Jarvis said, in a news release. “The National Water Trails System highlights the best of our nation’s water trails that encourage recreation and stewardship.”  The news release stated that the Black Canyon Trail provides unique paddling and rafting opportunities from flowing hot springs in some of the side canyons, to the history associated with the Hoover Dam and the early inhabitants of the surrounding areas.  Anyone interested can explore the National Water Trails System online through a dynamic collection of videos, stories and pictures at www.nps.gov/watertrails .