What did Donald Trump mean when he said the” second amendment people” can resolve Hillary Clinton appointing gun control justices? Political author Jim Heath won’t claim it’s an overt physical threat against his Democratic opponent. But Heath is afraid some deranged person may take it that way, and try to rub her out.

“It leads to the question he doesn’t know what he says, or he does,” says Heath, a registered Independent. “I’m one of those who believes he’s calculated, and he knows the buttons he needs to push, then denies them.”

Heath says, whether it’s off-handed remarks against Muslims, Hispanics, or newswoman Megan Kelly, to name a few, Trump’s outrageous words are aimed at trying to score points with white voters in the battleground states.

The Trump campaign argues his second amendment comments were not a call for assassinating Clinton, but for gun rights voters to unify against her at the ballot box. Arizona Trump Campaign Director Brian Seitchik argues, it all boils down to a conspiratorial media “that does not want to see Donald Trump get elected.”

–Barbara Villa