wahs1A contractual stalemate was resolved at the 11th hour and the Western Arizona Humane Society (WAHS) will continue operating the Mohave County Animal shelter in downtown Kingman, at least for another year. Operation of the facility was uncertain when the county and WAHS were at an impasse over a contract expiring at the end of June.

Continued negotiation resulted in approval of a new contract on June 24.

“I am very, very¬† pleased. We so much wanted our organization to continue the partnership with the county,” said Patty Gillmore¬†Western Arizona Humane Society , the Executive Director of WAHS. She said the county increased the contract by $60,000 to $260,000 and that the deal extends all the way through June 30, 2016.

County Administrator Mike Hendrix said other provisions include the county assuming responsibility for pest control, landscaping and repair and maintenance items beyond $500.

Gillmore said the great Kingman community has been helpful with volunteers and fundraising during the 16-month period that WAHS has operated the shelter in downtown Kingman. She said everyone can refocus on helping animals now that the contract is in place.

“Exactly. Lower euthanasia rates, higher live release rates, controlling of pet over-population–that is our mission,” Gillmore said. She said WAHS will continue efforts to improve operation of the Kingman shelter.