The Almighty Straw Poll Is Here!

Commentary By Butch Meriwether

Early balloting begins Aug. 3, the primary election is Aug. 30 and the general election is Nov. 8.

Understandably, most people running for the various elected offices have been trekking across the campaign trails, meeting with constituents and attending the numerous political events hoping to convince voters to chose them during the primary election (if they are running for a partisan position) so they can move onto the general election and represent their party. For those vying for non-partisan positions, they do not have to worry about the primary election because theirs will be decided during the general election except for city-wide elections.

There are more people running for the various positions within Mohave County, the various cities and certain state level positions than there are Little Carter’s Liver pills. Just some of the current elected officials, such as Mohave County District 2 Supervisor Hildy Angius, County Attorney Matt Smith and County Treasurer Cindy Cox, are the lucky ones who do not have challengers, but that doesn’t mean they’re sitting on their proverbial duffs and not out meeting their constituents and other county residents.

The cities of Kingman, Lake Havasu and Bullhead city-level vacancies’ filling dates have past and no one else can toss their hat into those rings. And of course, there are a few caveats that exist for the city-level elections. Please see the straw poll at Mohave County Election Straw Poll Facebook page located at see the explanations.

I thought it might be really fun to conduct a straw poll to see who would win if the elections were to be held today, and who would garner the most votes. I know, it is not a scientific poll and may not mirror the primary and general elections, but it could give us an indicator of the thought process of the voters and who they believe will do the best job representing them.

Only the winners of the respective Democratic and Republican parties of the primary will on the ballot during the general election. However, all Independent candidates will get a free pass to the general election because they do not have to compete in the primary election. Another caveat is those who want to run for a non-partisan position have until Aug. 10 to submit their petition signatures in order to be placed on the general election ballot, except for city-level elections.

No, I am not going to dabble in the various national and state races except for five and they are U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Arizona Representative LD5, Arizona State Senate LD5 and Arizona State Corporation Commissioners.

This straw poll is geared more toward the county-level races and I think that if any educated voter has turned on their TVs, they would see the many convention broadcasts that have been dominating the airways and political advertisements for the candidates.

I have not included school district positions because there are numerous districts and that would make this straw poll way too long.
My wife and I are a bit teed off that the Republican National Convention was broadcast the same time as America’s Got Talent and we never learned who the last seven contestants were chosen to move onto the live show. That’s a bummer!

I am going to post the straw poll on Mohave County Election Straw Poll Facebook page located at because it is not a closed group. No, people do not have to be a member of that particular group to take my straw poll and I have no intention to block anyone so everyone will have an opportunity to vote.

The straw poll will remain on the Facebook page for the first two weeks of August and I believe the “sampling” will tell us all who all is voting for the candidates. I will then post the results on the various media outlets and social media sites.

If you decide to take the plunge into cyberspace and vote in the straw poll, please only vote for those that impact you. An example is people living in Lake Havasu City (District 3) should not vote for those running for the Mohave County District 1, 2, 4 or 5 Supervisor positions. However, if it is a countywide position, please take the time and vote for who believe will do the best job of representing us residents.

One thing everyone must remember is if you do participate in the straw poll and vote, then your thumbnail photo will appear next to the person you voted for. I personally will not be voting because I have to remain unbiased due to me being a journalist for the many media outlets and I do not want to lend any endorsement for any candidate. Besides that, I don’t want to upset any of my friends because I voted for another friend. Discretion is the better part of valor.

Remember you should only vote for one candidate in the prospective partisan races. If you are a Democrat, only vote for a Democrat or Republican. However, Independents are allowed to vote for a Democrat or a Republican during the primary.

There are a few non-partisan races that have more than one vacancy available and if there are more than one spot available, then people can vote for as many candidates that there are openings for.