11817137_401450746726794_1516989816528150894_nThe Willow Fire continues to burn north of the Lake Havasu Wildlife Refuge near Topock. A Type 2 Incident Command Team (Southwest Area Incident Command Team #3) is now in command of the firefighting operations. The fire is estimated to be approximately forty (40%) percent contained. The evacuation order will be lifted for the Topock Lake Rancheros subdivision at 10:00 am today. The conditions in the areas impacted by the fire directly will still be potentially hazardous. Anyone entering the burn area needs to be aware that there is still a strong possibility of smoke affecting respiration. Other possible hazards include debris, smoldering stumps, ash pits, hot spots, weakened trees and other burn hazards, hidden septic tanks, propane tanks and hazardous materials. Residents are asked to be cautious and be very aware of the conditions. Fire fighters continue to work in the area and can assist in evaluating specific risks. Willow Fire Information Phone: (928) 330-3905 or (928) 330-3906 (Staffed from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)