mark_wimpeeMark Wimpee’s October 15 resignation was formally accepted during the October 20 Kingman City Council meeting. The failure of Wimpee’s contracting business and unfinished projects had customers calling for his removal from office.

“It is with deep sorrow that I have made this decision,” Wimpee stated in his resignation letter to Mayor Richard Anderson. “If my constituents have lost faith in me, then I need to honor their wishes.”

Wimpee also stated publicly that he felt that citizen negativity aimed at his business issues was bringing negativity to the City. He said he hoped his resignation would solve that problem.

“Unfortunatley, sometimes our personal lives and our political lives get crossed,” Council member Larry Carver said. “I think Mark had the best intent for the city of Kingman, however, all of us at times get pushed up against a wall through no fault of our own or we take partial fault for it.”

The Council decided that citizens interested in serving out Wimpee’s term through the end of October, 2016 should submit letters of interest and resumes by a 5:00 p.m., November 3 deadline. Those would be submitted with the City Clerk’s office.

The Council will review the application materials before selecting a top choice for appointment. The Council will wait until a new member is sworn in before deciding who shall be named Vice-Mayor, a title Wimpee relinquished upon his exit from office.