A Scottsdale man barricades himself inside his home with his mother after assaulting his wife.  Sergeant Ben Hoster with Scottsdale police says 39-year-old Nicholas Krakana was served with an Order of Protection not to return home or have contact with

his wife.  Krakana was served with the restraining order while he was picking up his two young children at gymnastics class.  Krakana immediately ignored the order and made a bee-line to his house where he confronted his wife and began assaulting her, including strangulation.  Krakana’s mother, Sandra Zinn, also started to assault the wife. When the two stopped beating Krakana’s wife, he locked his wife out of the house and barricaded himself, his mother and his two children inside the house.  After three hours, a SWAT Team forced entry and removed Krakana.  He and his mother are being charged with aggravated assault.  Krakana is facing strangulation charges as well.  The two children were not injured.

Kris Dugan