The woman sent to Death Row for allegedly orchestrating her young son’s execution-style murder is speaking out about her two decades in prison and her eventual release from prison after a judge dismissed the murder case against her.  Flanked by her lawyers and supporters, Debra Milke told reporters how she

feels relief but no happiness now that she is a free woman, innocent in the death of her son, Christopher. 

Milke’s conviction was overturned after the State Supreme Court ruled against a retrial in the face of questions about the confession allegedly fabricated by lead Phoenix Police Detective in the case, Armando Saldate, and the honesty of Maricopa County prosecutors. Northwestern University Law Professor Laura Nirider is now calling for Arizona lawmakers to join more than 20 other states and require that police electronically record their in-custody interviews, saying experience with the Chicago Police has shown that recording these interrogations has a huge impact on this kind abuse within the justice system.  Saldate did not record his session with Milke and Nirider notes that, had a law been place then to require the recording of in-custody interviews, none of this would have happened.  Milke is filing a civil lawsuit