A woman is gunned down while driving State Route 51 at the mini stack.  Sergeant Jon Howard with Phoenix Police says the woman frantically called 9-1-1 about a truck following her when the 9-1-1 operator heard at least three gun shots and the phone went dead.  The woman was shot in the head and crashed her car into a

wall causing two additional minor accidents.  The woman was rushed to the hospital where she later died.  Before the woman was shot, she managed to tell 9-1-1 there were three Hispanic men chasing her and they were driving a white work truck with a ladder and tool box on the back.  The suspects got away and may have exited at Thomas Road off SR 51.  Several people remained on the scene to give investigators their eye witness accounts of what happened.  Police are also asking for more witnesses to come forward.  Anyone with information is asked to call Phoenix police or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Kris Dugan