“Main Street Advocacy” is a group touring the nation motivating women to get more involved in politics.  Committed to making Washington work again, President Sarah Chamberlain is reaching out to women of all political affiliations and ideology across the nation to highlight the benefits of having conservative women in office. 

The goal behind the “Women2Women Conversations” Tour is to embrace unity instead of focusing on the deep divides within our government. women make up 50 percent of the population, yet only a small percentage are voting.  

Chamberlain is taking her message to big cities and small towns to engage women in political discourse.  She says if more women were involved in politics, they could change the dynamics and overall rhetoric of the party thereby affecting elections.  Chamberlain offers up an example of skewed rhetoric or media hype that’s been adopted as mainstream.  She says “the GOP is not having a war on women, that’s just not happening – that’s rhetoric.”  chamberlain adds women are accomplishing so much that “men look to us (women) to lead on some of the key issues.” 

Chamberlain, along with two other high-powered conservative women, will discuss a myriad of hot topics facing women today, including the vetoed Keystone Pipeline Bill, healthcare, ISIS and current legislation.  
The “Women2Women Conversation’s” Tour comes to Phoenix Thursday, March 12 at the Embassy Suites.   For more information, go to www.mainstreetadvocacy.com

Kris Dugan