Mohave Community College’s Small Business Development Center invites the public to a free event to learn about autism in the workforce.

The topic of the presentation will center on managing employees with autism and the value autistic people bring to the workforce. Those attending will learn more about the issues people on the Autism Spectrum face every day as well as the challenges and the gifts they possess.

The featured speaker is Morgan Hinton, founder of Autism Acceptance Consulting, LLC. Hinton is a high-functioning autistic person whose company has a mission of educating people about the potential of autistics in the workforce.

Mohave Community College’s Small Business Development Center in partnership with Southwest Behavioral Health Services and Arizona@Work are hosting the event.

Those who would like to attend this free event should call 929-757-0894 or email

Time and Location:
When: Wednesday November 16
Where: Mohave Community College, 1971 Jagerson Ave.
Kingman, AZ
Building 200, Room 204