Scottsdale police managed to get a wrong way driver off the road early saturday morning and put him behind bars. Sergeant Ben Hoster says the extremely drunk man was heading north on southbound 101 near Shea Boulevard when police got several 9-1-1 calls of the suspect going the wrong way.

Hoster says, the suspect then whizzed by an officer in his black Honda Accord, and officers were alerted to the situation. Hoster says a group of officers threw stop sticks on the road and got him stopped at the Pima-Princess on ramp before he could hurt anyone.

Hoster says the suspect, Venkata Nukala was driving on a suspended license for a previous D-U-I conviction. Nukala explained he thought he was heading home to Gilbert.

Nukala was arrested for Aggravated D-U-I and Endangerment. No one was hurt.

–Barbara Villa